New York

New York is familiar to us and, even if you've never been there, you'll recognize the famous skyline, the skyscrapers and the Manhattan's streets, because you've always known this city through movies, tv shows, or literature and music.

So, once in New York, don't miss out on seeing all these things that have brought you here.

New York Movie Tours and Tv Shows Tours on mobile, are FREE and available for both iOS and Android.

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Déja vu

{In} New York Apps & Guides will take you to the places where your favorite movies and TV Shows were shot in New York City.

Superheroes {In} New York App

A New York Movie Tour for Superheroes.

Swing as Spider-Man through the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and relive the Battle of New York alongside the Avengers.

Then let yourself be transported to Superman’s Metropolis or into the midst of the battle for Gotham City with Batman.

Explore the streets of New York through 150 movie locations of the greatest Superhero blockbusters.

Superheroes {In} NYC will guide you through the city of Superheroes.

Superheroes in New York App Superheroes in New York App
tv-shows in new-york app

TV Shows {In} New York App

Your favorite television shows in one New York Tour.

See where Monica, Rachel, Joey and Chandler from "Friends" lived in NY, and follow in the footsteps of the "Sex and the City’s" girls in Manhattan.

Or, have a drink in the real MacLaren's Pub from the TV Show "How I Met Your Mother".

This New York App is a guide to the television series real-life locations.

TV Shows {In} NYC takes you to the filming locations of the most iconic TV shows set in New York.


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How it works?

{In} New York Apps & Guides include an interactive Offline Map to offer Free and Customized New york Movie Tours, Tv Shows Tours and more.

superheroes in new-york app

{Movie scenes}

Each movie scene includes a short video of the action, full information about the address, an interactive map of New York, and information about the filming location.

{Location aware}

Thanks to the interactive map and your phone’s GPS functionality, it’s easy to find where scenes from your favorite movies and TV Shows were shot in New York.

{Offline map}

Each {in} New York App works without an internet connection, using its detailed and completely offline New York City map.

{In} a different way

When planning a trip to New York, the first thing you realize is that the city offers so many attractions and landmarks that it will be impossible to see all of them.

You may feel overwhelmed by the number of things to do in New York, and organizing your stay comes down to choosing among the places that you absolutely want to visit, and sightseeing tours of New York City.

{In} New York Apps & Guides offers various self-guided tours and allows you to create your own sightseeing itineraries in New York.

Choose the New York app you want, turn on your GPS, and enjoy a FREE, customized "Manhattan Walking Tour on your mobile".

Other New York Movie Tours and Tv Shows Tours are coming soon!

IOS   and  Android


Nov 22, 2014

Superheroes {In} New York App is available

Superheroes {In} New York App is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

The Ultimate Guide to Superheroes in New York City.

This New York Movie Tour comes with a detailed and fully functional New York Map to assist you explore the city and locate the greatest Superhero Movie locations.

Oct 21, 2014

Kids {In} New York App

New York can become a huge playground for your children.

You'll find thousands of fun things to do in New York with kids.

Discover the best zoos and aquariums in NY, go and meet their favorite Disney characters, and let them play with oversized toys in the world's largest toy shop.

Kids {In} NYC will show you around the city with your family, and lead you to the fun activities and attractions in New York for kids.

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